What is YOUR Kellogs Cornflake Fantasy?

I thought of you guys when I was channel-surfing last night...

I just saw a pretty hilarious Kellogs Corn Flakes Commercial yesterday:
can't find it though!

There's like this guy dressed up as a human-sized corn flake 'rooster', and this lady is camping and pours herself a bowl of (yes) cornflakes and then when she's not looking the rooster scoots in and drops some berries on top.

She's got this pleased yet confused look on her face and I thought it was cute.

a) Can anyone find an online source for this commercial? b) If the rooster were to sneak something onto your cornflakes; what would make you happiest?

For me: - wild canadian plump ripe blueberries, slivered roasted almonds and a drizzle of fresh honey


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