What is your fantasy food business?

If you were able to, what type of food related business would you start? Could be a restaurant, bakery, market, etc...

Mine is a small luncheonette, with a small menu that changes daily. I would serve one type of salad (two in the summer, to include an entree salad), one type of soup (two or even three in the winter), one or two different type of pastas, and a meat dish. Dessert sometimes. The whole menu would be at my whim, and the food would be so outstanding that people would excitedly return again and again in order to sample my offerings for that day. It would most likely be counter service, with five or six tables, plus a counter that people can eat at. It would be short hours, like 11-2. I'd want it to be a hidden gem sort of place; the sort of place that Anthony Bourdain might visit on his show. A place with a good local crowd following.

Sometimes, when I'm bored...I make up a menu for that day. But don't tell anyone I said that.


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