Weekend Cook and Tell: Too Hot

Welcome to the Weekend Cook and Tell. Every Wednesday we scour the food sections of various national newspapers to come up with an article or recipe to inspire a weekend cooking project. We want all of you to cook along with us and share your experiences, recipes, and photos.

Last night was one of my rare nights off, and it was hot. I foolishly decided that it was the prefect evening to make nice dinner at home. Of course, by nice I mean labor-intensive, with plenty of chopping, searing, sauteing, deglazing. No meal is complete with out dessert, so the oven was on too. Long story short-it was hot in my kitchen, I mean sweltering. By the time I sat down eat I was red-faced and sweating a little more than I care to admit. Dinner was delicious but by the time it was finished the chilled bottle of vinho verde sitting on the table was much more appealing than steaming plate before me.

While looking for an inspiration for this week's challenge I came across No-Cook Meals for Summer's Kitchen from Karen Fernau of the Arizona Central. Fernau asked chef Jene Shaffstall to come up with recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner that do not require the use of any type of heat. Breakfast was a Greek yogurt parfait, lunch was beef sandwich topped with cucumbers, peppers and basil and dinner was lime-infused shrimp tostadas, topped with a fresh jicama slaw.

This week's challenge is to make a meal with out turning on the oven. Something simple and summery, such as a cold soup, sandwich or salad or if you are feeling ambitious perhaps a carpaccio, crudo, or homemade sushi. This week there is only one rule: Your meal must not make you break a sweat!

We want to hear all about the heat-less dishes that you are making at home. Show us your photos on Photograzing (make sure to include "Cook and Tell" in your submission title) and tell us about your recipes in Talk with comments on this thread! If you'd like to blog along from home, leave a link to your Cook and Tell blog post in the comments. We'll post a round-up of your photos and recipes next Wednesday.


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