Universal Breakfast Program: Schools jumpstarting kids' day.

Just got the back to school newsletter and was pleased to read that our school district is going to offer breakfast, free of charge, to all students at the elementary schools. Students in grades K--3 will be served breakfast in their classrooms and grades 4--6 in the cafeteria. This program was offered in one of the elementary schools from 2003 on, and the school saw an increase in attendance and higher test scores. The school district's food service director says, "Study after study has shown that eating breakfast makes for better cognitive performance throughout the day and less weight gain over time." Any one else out there have schools moving in this direction? I have a feeling that the school nurses may have had some influence in this--they pushed hard for healthier and tastier school lunches and won a few years ago. I'm really pleased to see this happening in our schools. Now I just need take their advice and get on board with breakfast--I'm notorious for not having anything to eat until mid afternoon.


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