Regional (or Once-Regional) Burger Chains

Full disclosure: I've been to In-N-Out Burger fewer than 10 times in my life (most recently in January), I get a burger from Culver's about once every two weeks, and yesterday was my first ever visit to a Five Guys.

That said, I rank them as follows...

Burgers: 1. In-N-Out Burger (double-double w/lettuce, tomato, ketchup) ≥ 2. Culver's (butter burger w/cheese, lettuce, tomato, ketchup) > 3. Five Guys (little cheeseburger w/lettuce, tomato, ketchup)


1. In-N-Out Burger > 2. Five Guys (not cajun, maybe my mistake?) > 3. Culver's

I'd need to do a side-by-side comparison on burgers from In-N-Out vs. Culver's to truly rank them because my memories of the double-double are so good, but the Culver's cheeseburger never disappoints.

How would you rank theseor other regional burger chains you've visited?


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