Pizza on the grill

We have been playing w this for awhile now and have had pretty good success, The trick is to get the gough on the grill. IT MUST BE OILED !!. This past wknd on the way home from Chi. we stopped at Tenutas in Kenosha. While doing other shopping I found a heavy - about 1/16" thick stainless perforated pan and grabbed it. This evening I took an old aluminum pizza pan and sprayed it w oil on the bottom and at the same time sprayed the new pans inside surface. I then rolled out the dough on the bottom of the aluminum pan. Yeah I know you are supposed to hand toss the dough but I have not gotten there yet. Maybe in time I then put the new pan over the dough and old pan and inverted them. Voila a nice crust/dough in the new pan. To my mind the key was the weight of the perforated pan and the perforations to let heat get directly at the crust.

Currently we are doing this on a gas grill and the results are very good. I rolled out the crust thinner than normal tonight. Bake for approx 3-5 minutes at medium high heat. Remove from the heat and flip over. Add your remaining ingreients and bake for 7-10 minutes more. Any raw meats should be at least partially cooked before this step. The result was a pizza w a nice thin crackerlike crust w the taste of the grill. It was a much easier method of handling the dough and worked fine even though there was not direct grill contact.

The next step is to try doing this on charcoal or wood. I will keep you posted. In the meantime if you have not already done so give pizza on the grill a try. It is much better than in the home oven !


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