Mashed taters, steamed or boiled?

Hi Eaters,

I have a vat of mashed potatoes to make tomorrow and I'm thinking about technique today. I usually peel slice and boil (from cold water) but recently, I steamed the potatoes instead. I seem to remember a Kylie Kwong episode where she challenged her mother to a mashed potato cookoff, and she steamed hers before running them through a food mill.

I've only steamed them once, to great results...but that was also the first time I used my food mill to mash them--so I am not sure whether the steaming really made a difference. I do feel that the food mill made them magic. I wonder what you eaters do when you've got a hankering for some mashed spuds? Any special tips or tricks, secret add ins? I've never done much beyond roasted garlic and a bunch of creamy dairy.

How do you make the ultimate comfort food?


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