Kale/Grünkohl recipes pretty please?

Okay; I need some Euro-cuisine-advice.

Re: Stewed Kale recipe of German origin Growing up I remember it being called something like:
"Grünkohlgericht mit Pinkel, Potatoes and Speck"

So: - Purchased a Can of the Kale (or Grünkohl) - Stew it with Speck (or Bacon) and onions (in this case I also used a ham hawk)

Now: I remember the end-result being really flavourful and salty. I cooked this up and it turned out HORRIBLE! Really bland and lacking of authenticity.

[My papa always made this, but he's on vacation right now and I can't get a hold of him.]

Any suggestions? What am I missing? Or lordy this isn't right!


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