I'm trying the 21-day challenge

I was reading Richard Blais' blog where he talks about doing a challenge wherein you follow a diet that is "completely vegan, no gluten, no processed sugar, no alcohol, and no caffeine for 21 days." Since I've been feeling out of sorts in a physical way, and have been thinking of doing a dietary revamp to see if that helps, I am going to try this starting on Saturday.

Because this is a fairly drastic change, I thought doing it on a weekend would be a gentler start. I've reviewed my schedule for the following 21-day period, and have almost no social events where I would be expected to consume pre-made food except two. One is a wine-and-cheese thing, and since I don't drink alcohol anyway and they probably have fruit as well, that should be OK. The other is my monthly cooking club and I can take an item that I would eat, and just work around the rest of the dishes. It's more of a social event than just for cooking anyway.

Has anybody tried this, and do you have suggestions? I do most of my own cooking already (I'm cheap, and I like it), and we're still in the farmer's market season so I should be able to find nice veggies and fruits. Luckily I have a somewhat European view of shopping and tend to do a couple small stops during the week so I don't have a lot of food to eat before Saturday, but I will make sure to get some additional grains and pulses. So much of my default cooking for grains involves stock, though, and I'm going to have to review how to cook them with flavour but without stocks.

Luckily I like and cook a lot of cuisines that seem vegan-friendly and non-gluten-friendly, and I have several friends who lead gluten-free lives so I have people to ask. Has anybody tried this and did you find yourself enjoying the challenge, or marking off days like a con awaiting parole? I've been checking out recipes and working out ones that can work for supper and reheat for lunch. Breakfast will be my big problem - no oatmeal allowed!


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