I got a job at a B&B and the boss thinks I can do this!

Ok I'm a tech writer by trade. The high tech industry is doing a minor belly-flop in my part of the woods (can you spell N-O-R-T-E-L, boys and girls?) so I managed to bag myself what looked like a cleaning job working at a small B and B (5 rooms) about 50K from my home. I have always thought I'd like to run a B and B and thought it would be a great way to find out. Well the dude I am working for thinks I have what it takes and is going to let me hold the fort on my own a few days over the next few weeks. My first morning cooking is this Thursday. He prides himself on home baking - and I'm tasked with making something.

I am thinking scones. I have a plain jane recipe from Joy of Cooking but wondered what anyone out there has done with scones that have knocked people dead. Jam is served with the scones so I don't want to go too wacky. You get the idea..........



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