Anyone have Good Edible Gift Ideas for Weddings?

I was recently asked, in a pinch, to sing at an acquaintance's wedding. They hired me to sing (I'm getting paid a little), but graciously also invited me to the reception. We're all broke graduate students, but I'd like to give them a handmade food gift to wish them well. Here are my limitations:

1. I don't know how to can, and frankly I'm terrified of it. I own the Ball canning guide, but am still convinced I'll kill someone.

2. I don't own a car, and so I have to rely on a sort of lackluster grocery store because the wedding is Sunday and don't have time to take buses for hours and hours.

On the upside, other than canning I am fearless in the kitchen and willing to try anything, sweet or savory. You all always have such great ideas - - can you help me out?


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