Afghanistan-friendly recipes?

I was hoping that you food-savvy folks might help me out with a request I received from one of my friends. He's a marine currently based in Afghanistan. He's getting kind of bored with military-issued ready-to-eat meals and asked me if I could think of anything he could make on his own with a specific set of restrictions:

"I have practically no ingredients, no tools, no utensils, but I’m getting tired of MREs. So very very tired. So. I’m prepared to buy a crock pot and or a Dutch oven or something and I was hoping you could come up with some suggestions for things I can make. I have no refrigeration and the vast majority of ingredients are going to have to be mailed to me from home or I’ll have to buy from Amazon or some other place. Transportation takes over a month and is subject to some fairly high temperatures so stuff that melts isn’t very useful by the time it makes it to me."

Any ideas?


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