Advice on starting a cooking club?

I live in Vancouver and want to find foodies to start a cooking club. I've looked to see if one exists but none to my knowledge. Unfortunately, all my friends love eating my food but would never think of cooking/baking as something fun to do or talk about and I'm feeling a little lonely in my passion for food. (especially when I go gaga over the most recent burger article in Saveur and there are blank stares...gets a little dissatisfying on both ends)

So I'm thinking of starting my own cooking club but I'm unsure about a few things. For example, how do I get the word out? But mostly, I'm not sure how to deter crazy people or singles just wanting a hook up. I don't want to let just anyone in my home. I want to spend time with other foodies but not ones that have scary pasts or are completely obnoxious or keep trying to hit on everyone in the room.

Do you think I just need to wait to find some good foodie friends in the future or is it better to put it out to the public and see what happens?


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