Your Opinion: Regular vs. Kosher Hot Dogs?

All the Summertime and Camping talk lately had me thinking about The Almighty American Hot Dog.

One of my fussiest food issues is with American Hot Dogs and Bologna. Nevermind all the stories about what they're made of; I really just don't like'em.

I wasn't allowed to eat bologna or traditional hot dogs growing up because my father called them "evil". I did: however praise the food-lords for European Wieners. Entirely different taste, and without the myths, stories, or emotional baggage I guess. Plus they came in a can: pretty cool.

ANYWAY I've noticed the new Hebrew National Commercial and found their marketing quite clever. kosher difference, no iffs ands or BUTTS, etc.

I'm not kosher-exclusive or anything to that extent, but does this mean this hot dog is made of, like, real meat? Is this just marketing?

I'm interested on all of your thoughts on this because perhaps (just MAYBE) I'd be willing to consider trying such a thing.

tia :D hungrychristel

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