What's the quickest snack from home instead of junk food?

In mid-morning or mid-afternoon, I am STARVING! So, if I have not brought something with me to eat or drink, I will hit the vending machines wherever I am, or the junk food at the supermarket checkout. Of course, the absolute worst is when the vending machine is stuck and the package won't drop and I have no change left!

I try to have something with me, so I can stop the hunger. Here are some of the things I bring, when I can, not all on the same day, of course: about 2 oz. of grapenuts in a baggie with a plastic spoon; some cherrios; a fistful of almonds (looove almonds) in a baggie; carrots (crunching relieves my stress), banana, bottle of water; a few pretzels in a baggie (but there never seem to be enough of them).

Anyone have anything more interesting?


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