What makes my cupcakes crack and sink?

I've been trying to find a really awesome brownie cupcake recipe and the one that I've been testing is pretty good - light and slightly fudgy and moist in the middle - but it's hard to frost because it puffs up and cracks, then the innards deflate when the cupcakes cool. I reckon baking powder would remedy the situation, but wouldn't that make them less dense? Could you tell me what makes my cupcakes crack and sink and what I could do to prevent it? Also, any brownie cupcake recipes that you love would be greatly appreciated; I feel like this one isn't fudgy enough. (I know, I know; maybe I should just make brownies!) The recipe I used is as follows:

4 oz. bittersweet chocolate ½ cup butter, room temperature 1 ¼ cup sugar 1 teaspoon almond extract 3 eggs, room temperature ¾ cup unbleached white flour ¼ teaspoon coarse salt

Bake at 325 for 20 minutes.


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