Tomato Thief!

I'm so very mad. I live in a tiny little apartment that serves as a storage site for all my stuff, my cats, and an occasional resting place while I hustle through graduate school. One of my few pleasures is a tiny pot-style garden on my porch. I was super excited when my tomato plant put up it's first bloom, starting growing it's first little tomato - seriously I have pictures I was so excited.

Finally the tomato began to blush, it turned rosy pink, then yesterday when it was mere hours away from it's peak picking point I made the decision to pick it this morning for dinner. ONLY SOMEONE STOLE MY TOMATO!

Sometime in the course of me getting off from my drudgery work at Target to the time I got up this morning some villain absconded with my precious first (and only ripe!) tomato.

Surely someone here can sympathize with my plight and distress. T_T


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