The Bottom of the Bag: Stale junk/snack foods remnant uses?

I really try not to let the kids or my husband open a new bag of pretzels, chips, crackers, or what have ya, until things are gone in the cupboard. However, that doesn't always happen unless I squirrel things away in an unknown hiding spot. So, when I clean out the snack cupboard and find an inch or two at the bottom of the bag of different snacks, I no longer get in a snit--I still make them eat them, but recycle them into a baked snack mix or "crouton mix." Baking the snack remants in a slow oven with seasonings revives their crispiness and gives them a different flavor. My husband usually takes a chicken and green salad to work for lunch and if I know he's been a culprit in abusing the "don't open another bag until the cupboard's empty" rule, he gets oven toasted/refreshed (you're lucky they're not stale) snack food croutons for his salad. What do you guys do with your less than fresh junk food? Or fresh junk junk food that is outside the norm, for that matter? I happen to love tuna salad on whole wheat with sour cream potato chips sandwiched in the middle.


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