SERIOUS help: convincing someone to change their eating habits

Hey serious eaters, I need advice again

If there is someone you care deeply about, and you know they are putting themselves at risk because of the foods they eat, is it better to keep on bugging them about it (to no avail, as of yet) or to just lay off?

My father has eaten the same way his whole life, and now that he is older, it is starting to affect him. I am growing more and more concerned for him as time goes on, and I try to give him advice, and offer alternatives, and try to get him to try new things, but he usually just smiles and nods and ignores me, or gets upset. He is just set in his ways, and I don’t know what to do anymore. It is obvious how he eats makes him happy, but it is not the best thing for someone his age, and I am really starting to see it affect him.

should i just lay of? i understand this is a choice everyone needs to make for themselves, i just don't think he ever will.

Any advice or suggestions?


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