Las Vegas Dining Out on a Family Budget

Hello, hello.

My family and I will be heading out to Las Vegas and staying in a resort (Summer Bay on a timeshare) and will be trying to stay within a moderately low budget during our week's stay. I have browsed through some other topics, but I have some picky eaters with me while I would like to say I have more of an extensive pallet.

There are a few things I am looking for in food: - Groceries. We will be renting a car and I will probably be cooking one or two meals at least. I noticed that there is a Trader Joe's and a Whole Foods, but does anyone have any local markets or better recommendations to stay in a lower budget?

- Buffets. I know they are cheap and frequent on the strip, but what are your favorites?

- We will splurge once or twice, so ULTIMATE favorites would be nice to see. No more than 30 per person though, I have a feeling that will be the limit.

- Anything ranging from 10 to 20 per person is a range we'd like to maintain since this is an expensive vacation as is. I know that is very minimal, but we work off of one salary during the summer unfortunately. Fast food works (like In-N-Out, etc.) but we'd rather hit sit downs close to the strip.

- This is not food related, but any entertainment recommendations. This is our first trip and it will be an 18 year old girl (who is more into culinary and popular music than shows), a 16 year old boy, and two parents in their 40's.

Thanks in advance for any help! We'll be there from July 17th to July 24th, so if you know of any special events, please let me know!


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