I need a happy, healthly food project

I have had a spectacularly horrible month. Let's just say that getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist was the high point, because for an hour someone was fussing over me, and no one was in risk of dying as a result. I have a few more loose ends to tie up this week, and then I'm declaring an end to the stress and sadness and I'm declaring that Saturday August 1 is the start of a new year for me.

I need something to look forward to this weekend, so I can leap out of bed with something fun and interesting planned. Because I know that I'm on teetering on the edge of staying in bed all weekend or running away with the rodeo that's in town.

I don't know if I'm looking for a lifestyle change, since I've already virtually eliminated processed foods and I think we eat pretty healthy overall. But a change in routine would be okay, too, as long as it's something I can look forward to.

A weekend (or longer) cooking project could be fun. Or even a bunch of short-term related projects. Something to keep mind and hands occupied. And something to keep me motivated while I work my way back to normal again.

And it can't be too expensive. So no culinary school. The bills for this month are going to start pouring in soon, and I suspect it will be quite some time before we work our way out from under this.

I know I should be able to come up with something I'd enjoy, but honestly, I'm too exhausted to brainstorm this on my own.


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