Help! Have I been Lamboozled?

I bought some locally raised, grass-fed, organic lamb at my farmer's market this week. The chops we really expensive at $18 a lb, so I decided to try the stew meat for $5 per lb. It was frozen and pre-wrapped in white paper, so I didn't see the cuts they handed me, but being a local farm, I trusted them.

I got it home and opened it only to find a plastic bag of fat, cartilage, connective tissue and BONE! Actual rib fragments. Like the stuff you'd scrape off to make frenched ribs, only with the bone still in there. Seriously. The bag had maybe 5% actual meat in there, but only veins of it - whatever happened to run through the other garbage. I had pictured cubes of stew meat. Not the best cuts of course, but meat nonetheless.

Isn't this the stuff they should have ground into sausage? I did end up cooking it into a stew, hoping for a miracle, which was poor judgment on my part because we ended up picking around it.

Have I been Lamboozled? What should I do?


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