Hate my job, want to cook, what to do?

I'm not meant for a desk, it's just not me. Yet every day I roll myself out of bed, and go sit at the same desk, and do the same thing. What I like is cooking, I like food, I like growing vegetables, and I like cooking and eating them. I like smells and flavors and colors and tastes, I want to do this!

Problems: I only have a few months in my teens as experience as a prep cook in a restaurant. Everything else I've done at home. Second problem, while I have expendable money I could use on school, I'm working a 40 hour work week and raising a daughter. This leaves very little time for school.

My options seem to be quit my job and hope I land a prep cook job somewhere I can work my way up to chef. Or maybe to take as many courses as I can over the next year on weekends at local schools or wherever I can find and try and cite that as "experience" later.

Any ideas on how to approach this? The starting pay is not the most important thing.


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