Freezer Food Ideas For New Mother

My sister is pregnant with her first child and due in a little while. Her and her husband are quite well off, and have pretty much purchased everything they need for the first little while of the baby’s life. However, my sister LOVES to eat, but HATES to cook (and is a terrible cook). So I was thinking that as a gift to her, instead of buying her something that she doesn't really need or already has, I would make her some freezer safe, easy to reheat meals/snacks so she has one less thing to worry about during the first little while of being a new mom.

So here's my question: I'm looking for menu ideas that are delicious, don't require a lot (or any) prep for someone to reheat, and that freeze well. I'm already planning on making some Lasagna/Spinach/Ricotta spirals that I know freeze well, and probably a variety of muffins for her to snack on. But I'm definitely looking for some main dishes/healthy ideas (not baked goods) that I could make for her.



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