Ebingers bakery question

Although I now live in upstate NY, I was born and bred in Brooklyn and I remember Ebingers Bakery, famous for their amazing Blackout Cake, Lady Fingers... you name it, and if it was AMAZING pastry of some type, they made it, and made it better than anyone else.

Okay, I'm rambling. Here's the problem. We're having a family reunion - 75 aunts, uncles, and cousins of various lineage - and my sister has tasked me with finding a photograph of The Box. The Ebingers Box. It was white with delicate green diamond cross-striping, and after they filled it with whatever goodies you bought, they secured it with a white-and-green string.

I have searched my photo albums, slides, boxes stuffed with uncategorized photos, and everything else I have. Many pix include Ebingers cakes - God, we DID eat them a lot!! - but none of them show The Box!!

Do any of you Serious Eaters know where I might find a photo of an Ebingers Box?

Thank you all!!


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