Cooking your own food = rare?

So I was at a company party a few nights ago and one of my colleagues proudly mentioned to a bunch of people that I cook my own dinner every night for myself and my bf. Everyone starting exclaiming, 'no way - every night - don't you order out?' or 'wow, you must be a domestic goddess'. Nobody could believe that I would take the time and effort (or have the ability) to cook my own food. They were like, 'why would you even bother'? Or one girl said cattily, 'well, I'd be as big as a house if I cooked dinner every night' (she gets take-out). As if I were making a Thanksgiving dinner every night... Have any of you run into this bizarre realm where people think it's freakish or outlandish to cook for yourself instead of going out to eat or getting delivery every single night - maybe it's just a NYC thing? I was just stunned by this unanimous reaction and by the number of people who can't even cook one thing for themselves. I don't think it's so good to be that reliant on take-out.


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