Yeast used to make me grumpy!

I've tried every brand of yeast sold at the local grocers. None of them work worth a tinker's dam. Having despaired of finding living yeast, that is to say yeast that you'd want to fool with, anywhere within a hundred miles of my tumbledown homestead, I resorted to ordering yeast from Bob's Red Mill. While I was at it, I ordered powdered milk from Bob's Red Mill.

A baker should not hafta resort to mail order to acquire living yeast, but circumstances finally forced my hand. I'm wishing I had done it sooner. Note to all you big grocers, you suck. The suppliers you buy yeast from suck slimy green rocks. You are ripping us all off and I am sick of it. Oh, and the bread you guys sell isn't worthy of the name bread. Ain't gonna buy that from you no more, either.

If you're like me, you dreaded the attempt make a bread that needed to rise three times before the heat was applied. I undertook such projects knowing full well that I would be lucky to get two rises out of my dough. Not any more. I had to buy way more yeast than I like to have on hand, but the yeast from Bob's Red Mill turned the trick.


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