What food do you never cook because your too nice?

I am starting this talk subject, as a direct result of my Tarragon talk. I was having so much fun making all these fantastic recipes that all you great cooks sent in, it was marithon Tarragon at my house. Well, hubby Coconut tells me he is not liking this flavor, tells me it taste like licorice. Well, that set me off, I basically told him too bad(FY) and now I am really on a rampage. For years, I avoided cooking things he did not like, even though I liked them. Now, watch out because I will be cooking green peppers maybe everday and sweet flavors in everything I can think of like sweet and sour, sweet wilted lettuce, oh I am going to have fun. WHAT THINGS DO YOU NEVER COOK, BECAUSE YOUR TOO NICE????????????


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