WF: Why are the meat guys on a pedestal?

Okay, this isn't a complaint, it's curiosity. I've only been to one Whole Foods store, so maybe this is a quirk of this one store, but the areas where the workers in the meat, seafood and cheese areas stand, their floor is at a higher level than the floor level of the rest of the store. So they're all sort of towering over the customers. They have to bend down a bit to hand over the food.

Is your WF set up like that? Any thoughts as to why? I suppose it gives them a better view, but from my side, when they hand me something from "on high" it feels like when I was a little kid and an adult bent down to give me something.

Are they trying to make us feel like those workers are superior beings? Or does WF just think that we like being served by a race of giants? And if that's the case, why aren't the produce guys on stilts? Just kidding about that, but I can't think of any other stores with that sort of setup. And it has to be for some purpose, since those three areas are separate from each other.

And I think the bakery and hot food/deli people are at floor level, but I've never bought anything there, so I'm not completely sure.

Whaddaya think? And are there any other food stores that have odd setups like that?


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