Weekly Bread

I've been looking for a relatively painless bread recipe and I think I finally found one that I like.

Grumpy's Weekly Bread (Modified version of the formula for Jeffrey Hamelman's "Pullman Bread"


AP Flour: 777 grams Sugar: 20 grams Salt: 15 grams (less if you can stand it) Powdered Milk: 41 grams (Sanalac or Bob's Red Mill work real well) Butter: 41 grams (optional, but it slows staleness) Yeast: 7 grams (I have found Bob's Red Mill to be the best I have ever used, with Red Star coming in a very distant second). Water: 467 grams.


Place all of the dry ingredients, flour first, in the bowl of a stand mixer. Attach whisk and whisk at low speed for two or three minutes. Once the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed, attached the dough hook. With the mixer on low speed, slowly pour the water into the bowl. Trust me, this really will work. Run on low speed until all the flour becomes a ball wrapped around the hook. This will take something around a minute.

[Continued in the next post]


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