Ugly Organic

The fruits and vegetables that you can buy at grocery stores or huge shopping centers (like Wal-Mart) may not taste like much, but for the most part they're visually appealing. Recently, I've noticed that the fruit and veg. at my local farmer's market isn't looking so hot.

I love that the money I spend at farmer's markets goes to local organic farms, I love that the produce is seasonal, I even love that all of the offerings look like real food and not like plastic, but what's with the wilted greens and sad looking fruits? Does my tiny local farmer's market suck, or has anyone else noticed this?

You always hear chefs say, "You eat with your eyes first." Organic produce is important to me, but is it worth its price if it looks less than stellar? Would you rather buy good-looking bland produce or not-so-good-looking organic produce?


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