Trying to use less butter

I really enjoy my baking - pie crusts, pastries, bread, all of it. I never said i was very good at it, but i really do enjoy it.

and I go through a LOT of butter. pie crust has a whole stick of butter per pie, a dozen cookies usually has half a stick, croisants at least a half stick. i was always a proponent of "using the real stuff", but the more i bake, the more butter my family and I eat. now that i'm working part time, i'm baking more. it's relaxing, it's fun, it makes the house smell nice.

but baking with butter isn't doing anything to get us to eat healthier.

how can i bake more but only use a little more butter? use half butter and half shortening? half butter and half margarine or vegetable oil? half butter and half something else?



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