The Double Double, a national canuck treasure rejected?

I heard something of interest this morning on a popular Canadian radio show (CBC's "Q", hosted by Jian Ghomeshi) that one of our country's institutions, Tim Hortons, has not been able to (ahem) take off eh, with our good American neighbours*

Tim Hortons is a coffee and policehangout-imeandonut chain that basically infests our highways, biways and strip malls with a population that is beyond double of McDonald's (McD's: 1400 outlets, Timmy's: 3000 outlets), to give an indication of its ridiculous popularity.

Speaking of double, Starbucks can have its Venti's and Grand-ay's, Tim Horton's has the "double double", which means a coffee with 2 creams, 2 sugars - they mix your coffee for you... and is part of why I dislike this place, second only to the fact that the coffee is a weak slurry of failure (the Timbits are great, though!).

But I am sort of alone with my assessment of the coffee, since my fellow countryfolk have elevated its national popularity right up there with poutine and hockey. Oh Canada.

So the comment made by Jian today, was along the lines of: "based on a recent report, the Tim Horton's targeted U.S. infiltration is falling flat... is this an example of simply one of those Canadian-only treasures, like the Tragically Hip, or The Game of Hockey, that only we Canucks 'get'?"

And I thought that was an interesting and patriotic-themed musing for you fellow-SE'ers out there: What regional chain (or food!) do you have in your area that, try as it might, simply can't be "understood" outside of your town, region, or country?

*by the way, happy July 4th! We have a birthday too on July 1st, named Canada D'eh :)


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