Sex is like pizza...or is it...

I didn't particularly like the 'treatment' but this article:

...brought up the old cliche:

"Sex is like pizza--even when it is bad, it is still pretty good."

Which raises the question--is that the only way sex is like pizza?

Perhaps not.

1. Some people like it late at night, some people like it early in the morning.

2. Some people get burned because they just can't wait, other people wait too long until it's gone cold.

3. There are many different definitions as to what it 'really is'--as in former President Clinton's definition of what is 'really' sex and the controversy as to whether deep dish Chicago pizza is 'really' pizza or a casserole.

4. Everyone thinks they know 'the best,' but are always on the look-out for something new...

5. People are willing to wait insanely long for it, even when they want it right now.

6. You look back on your experiences with it in college, and say 'what was I thinking?'

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