Restaurant Naming Problems

Hello everyone, I have tried to get input from friends and family but it seems that they don't have much of an opinion on things. I am really good at cooking and creating great food for my family, unfortunately I tend to cook to feed small armies on the move, so I decided that the best way for me to share my cooking was to work on opening up a restaurant. I don't have much money but that is OK, I am really patient. My biggest downfall is trying to come up with a viable name for my restaurant, currently everything I come up with is taken by someone or some thing. Some of the Names that I have tried are as follows: Dragon Fire Grill Kitchen table diner Jimmy T's (Old School) Diner and several more that just didn't work.

I was thinking about "Kitchen Dreams" as a name. Since everyone here is interested in food, I thought that this would be a great place to get some ideas, if you are willing to share.

My restaurant is to be completely different than your traditional food outlet. It's premise is to provide good, reasonably healthy, and flavorful food at a reasonable price. ($5-$12) Concentrating on the local population as the customer rather than expensive tasteless fare for the tourists. A fresh cooking line for in house patrons and a cafeteria style line to speed the take out along, also possibly a call ahead take out drive through.

Another aspect is to limit the footprint of the location by using more green friendly items in both packaging and production, this means that the majority of the food begins as raw products, not processed, and as local as I can afford to go. Along with the intensive flavors, a colorful palate to the location is in mind as well with flowing lines rather than rigidity.

Home cooking using ingredients, flavors, and cooking techniques from around the world to create a synergy of food.

what I need the most is help in naming this place, my creativity in this one area is lacking. Please help, thank you very much


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