My children are bottomless pits!

Ahhhh Summertime...for many this means exotic vacations, relaxing days at the pool, and seaside BBQs. For me, twice-weekly trips to the local supermarket to replenish my constantly dwindling supplies of snacks and juice boxes. I have two little ones at home with Dad this summer while I work fulltime. I won't even discuss the mess that is made daily in the house caused by two dogs, and two whirling dirveshes (read: kids) and a Dad rendered practically useless due to a third-shift job -- that's a post for another site. I'm talking about how in the world to keep these kids fed all summer without breaking the bank! I've tried to stock up on pretzels and cheese crackers and packets of instant oatmeal and popsicles and fruit and peanut butter/jelly, but I'm looking for any other suggestions on somewhat healthy, easy to prepare/serve snacks for a 10 and 8 year old. I love the idea of fresh fruits, but these can get mighty expensive when my kids are going through a pineapple and big bunches of grapes every two days. I hesitate to allow them to cook on their own (aside from microwaving and toaster-ovening) quite yet, but hate processed foods like bagle bites, etc. What types of things do you keep on hand for your kids during the summer? Do you have prepare-ahead foods that are good reheated and fussy-kid-friendly? Tips and tricks appreciated!


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