My 1st "30 min" mozz

Well, it took a bit longer than 30 minutes. Mostly because the whole operation was new to me and I had some logistical issues, like not being able to fit all my curds into a bowl that would go into the microwave.

I also had a hard time recognizing when my curds were ready. I was worried that I may have screwed up, and that the curds hadn't set. When I ran my knife through it though, I had perfect, shiny, smooth well formed curds that held their rectangular shape.

From there things went a little down hill. I couldn't figure out how to knead it properly, and the hotter it got the more difficult it was to do. 135* is pretty damn hot. I thought I was pretty tough, but I am a wuss apparently. It seems like the only way to get smooth, shiny elastic cheese is to work it when it's really hot. I just couldn't do it.

The end result is tasty, because I used really great whole raw milk. But the texture is off. It's a little grainy, dry, and it squeaks when I chew it. It's not a loss though, as I said it tastes great. I will use it on pizza, or maybe to make some Michel Richard false eggs.

The ricotta I made with the leftover whey is fantastic. Next time I will use butter muslin to strain it though, I lost a lot using cheesecloth.

@dbcurrie - did you do it? How did yours come out?


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