Life Lessons I Learned From Top Chef Masters

I was watching Top Chef Masters last night and a really strange thought, and also life lesson, came to me. On the regular version, when the chefs heard the comments and critiques given to them by the judges and participants, they were always really tense and upset, and every single mistake or mishap was the end of the world. In what I saw last night, the Masters laughed and joked the whole time, and when one of them realized that their entire bag of groceries waas accidentally placed in a freezer and not a cooler, it didn't really seem to phase him much and he successfully created a Plan B. What I learned was this: with age and experience comes the wisdon to that know s*** happens. Things will go wrong. People will not always like what I make or do or try. I cannot be friends with everyone and yet, even if the dryer shinks my clothes, the oven burns my cake, I turn the pan on too high and scorch my will go on....we can laugh, we can make fun of ourselves (like the one with the "cake" that was mush), and we can learn and improve and enjoy life anyway. What have you learned from Top Chef or any other food show that you didn't think that you would? Or am I the only one?


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