How Often Do you Indulge?

Maybe it's because I didn't really develop an obsession with cooking until about three years ago, but it seems as if very recently there's been bacon mania. Was it always like this, Bacon cupcakes, bacon candy, bacon EVERYTHING?

I didn't grow up eating bacon as a kid. Rather than bacon and eggs we always had chorizo and eggs- which I'm sure is also bad for you. As an adult, I was led to believe that bacon was like heart attack on a plate. I didn't consciously avoid it, it just wasn't a must-have food to me.

Recently my parents bought some slab bacon and gave me some. I went from not eating bacon for about five years, to eating it twice in one week. It is delicious and I suppose I understand the appeal, but it doesn't seem like the greatest thing on the planet to me. My favorite thing about the BLT sandwich I made was actually the avocado I slathered on the bread in replacement of mayo.

So, are there any bacon fanatics out there? How often can one eat bacon? Is twice in one week crazy? Is turkey bacon, which I saw at the grocery store the other day, any good?


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