Grimaldi's Privileged Reservation Policy

I was in NYC last week and a friend wanted to go to DUMBO so a great opportunity to go to Grimaldi’s. They open at noon on Saturday so when we got there at 11:50 there were already 30+ people in line. Don’t worry I tell her, when they start letting people in at 12 we’ll easily get a seat. The old guy starts letting people in at 12 and after about 25 or so go in here comes a “bus load” of people that were nowhere to be seen pass everyone up in line and go right in to be seated. No more can now be seated and we are looking at a 45 min wait. I ask the old guy what’s going on, we’ve been waiting. I thought there were no reservations? He says there’s the reservation line (the one I was standing in). I ask him again and he isn’t paying any attention to me. There were a LOT of ticked off people but he didn’t care. Was this one of those pizza tours? At that point just on general principals and his attitude toward customers that had been waiting for quite some time we bailed. Grimaldi’s is OFF my list for good! We went to CO and had GREAT pizza and service with no attitude! Anyone have a similar experience with Grimaldi’s?


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