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I never gave much thought to this show but BF snagged an ep on TiVO to point out a specific dish. The ep was centered in Turkey and the dessert he wanted me to see was called Gullac. The recipe linked is not the one featured but it was the only one I could find. Said one of the hosts, "Gullac is light as the wings of fairies. A touch of rose water makes it simply magic." I could be completely snowed, but I believed in my heart she felt that sentiment and wasn't regurgitating a script. Her expression seemed too organic to be acting.

I got so sucked in, I rewound the entire ep and watched it, completely entranced. I know it's a series by Gourmet but it played more like an issue of Saveur come to life. The foods and traditions were so deeply steeped in the Turkish culture, I felt almost like I was spying.. The scenes filmed in home kitchens were definitely the most moving.

The show reminded me why I came to hold cooking in such high reverence. Diary of a Foodie is one reason why TVFN can never hope to rival PBS. This was much more than simply entertaining, it was downright educational.


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