confused nougat

My grandfather was a chinese pastry chef and I recently got his old nougat recipe from a cousin...but it's poorly translated from Chinese, vague and it just doesn't look right. I've looked online at almost every nougat recipe and they all seem very different from this one!

Wondering if anyone has some insight as to if this recipe is really accurate or if you could answer some of the questions that have come up for me. The nougat is quite chewy and not airy but substantial.

Here are the ingredients and instructions with my questions: A: water, sugar, syrup (don't know if it's corn or glucose) B: nuts, butter, egg whites, milk and vanilla powder C: syrup ( again, doesn't specify what kind)

1. Mix A (do you think I should be boiling this to a specific temp?) 2. from B, whip whites until thick. Add rest of B. 3. Mix A,B and C. Cook under 90 celcius (this one seems strange! do you think C should be cooked to a specific temp too?) 4. Cool and cut

Any insight would be incredibly helpful!!!


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