Chefs & Customers Who Linger After Hours

I have always been curious as to how chefs feel about customers who walk into their restaurant half an hour before closing and stay an hour after closing. Admittedly, more than once I have been said customer, and each time I felt a slight pang of guilt. The last time I did this was at a hole in the wall southern italian restaurant in San Jose, and the vibe was a little weird. Although, the only customers left were my family, so perhaps that is why. I have it in my head that chefs like most employed people, don't want to have to work longer than is necessary. And it would probably annoy me if someone came to eat only minutes before the kitchen was supposed to close. On the other hand paying customers, no matter if they walk in five minutes before closing, are still paying customers. Either way, I'd love to know what you serious eaters out there have to say on the subject.


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