Yet Another Tip Thread? But What About Specialty Stores?

I'm coordinating (not paying for) a birthday party at work that will take place this week. I am ordering 20 cupcakes. While 20 is not a lot and I'm not asking for a special design, I am asking for specific numbers out of each of the 15 flavors they offer and sometimes not all flavors are available daily.

Is this different from someone picking out cupcakes from the counter that you wouldn't customarily tip? The last time I did this, I felt awkward when I accepted the box that I tipped (owner/baker) 10% out of $50.

I took the day off the last time, so there was no delivery fee/tip since I brought it in myself. My husband will be delivering it this time.

Was tipping in this case silly? Or expected? If it is expected, how much is apropos? I go there weekly and do not tip when I buy 2-4 cupcakes off their racks.



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