What meat(s) will substitute for pork in its various forms?

After growing up in semi-strict Jewish tradition, I have never eaten pork and never will be comfortable doing so. But, frequently in magazines I run across recipes with ingredient combos that I would LOVE to try...if only the main ingredient wasn't pork!

What can I substitute in place of the various cuts of this meat? I haven't the first clue about pork's consistency, flavor, etc. -- is it more similar to poultry, or to beef? Would veal come close to pork loins? Or is beef better? What's the closest thing to ham? Can I sub lamp chops/ribs for a recipe calling for baby-back ribs, or is that too strong-tasting a meat to replace pork? What about duck, or other game?

Also, do I have to cook the substituted meats differently? You see, I don't know how pork behaves when cooked; I have never even seen it done.

I know turkey works for ground pork or sausage, and that you can make a good chicken boudin, but beyond that I'm utterly clueless. And I DEFINITELY don't want "meatless" alternatives. Help, please!


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