Should I have sent the drink back?

I was sitting at the pub after work recently, reading a book and waiting for my boyfriend, when the bartender sets a glass of wine in front of me.

"Compliments of the gentleman at the end of the bar".

I was flabbergasted, flustered, and surprised to say the least, and stammered out a thank you and hastily and embarassed-ly (a word? :) toast-gestured in his direction.

As he raised out of his seat to come over to talk to me, my bf arrived and swooped in. The "gentleman" stopped in his tracks, and shook his head before sitting back down. He then shot us dirty looks the rest of the time (I decided we should just leave after finishing our round).

Anyhoo. Should I have refused it? I just felt taken so off-guard. And if anyone hands me a free anything, my instant response is to accept, whether I'm "available" or not! Is he correct in reacting so disapprovingly?

And not that it would, but if this ever happens again, what is the universal expectation if a gal accepts a drink sent over by a stranger?


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