Regional Fast Food Chains

So I wrote a post today about one of our beloved regional fast food chains here in WV and wanted to find out what other regional fast food is out there.

What makes you avoid the national chains even when you only have 3.26 minutes to get the kids from school to practice AND fed?

What's that spot you stop at on the way back to State U for the required fast food fix on the way to The Game?

Is there a secret menu?

A few food kinda means many if not all locations have a drive-thru. Fast food can include meals served on plates with silverware if the food really is ready for you at the counter.

Regional is a relatively large definition.

All you In-n-Out burger fanatics? You count, talk to me, but please let the other, not as world famous regional chain fans have a moment too.

Dunkin' Donuts sorta counts, but that's stretching it since they've run national TV ad campaigns, etc.

Anyway...what's in your neck of the woods?


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