Oprah, her Free KFC Coupon & New KFC Chicken...

In conjunction with the release of KFC's grilled food, Oprah "hooked up" the entire country with coupons for a free meal. This sounds like a nice gesture of epic proportions.

There are two problems that have arisen since the coupon was announced. 1) In order to print the coupon, you have to navigate to a site that downloads spyware to your computer. It's not printed directly at oprah.com or KFC.com. 2) KFC can barely keep up with demand and huge, long lines are forming. This may not be a problem in smaller to medium towns but in big cities where houseplants have their own computers and printers, the crowds have been of swarm proportions.

I printed the coupon but BF is a super mondo geek and will take care of cleaning the spyware out of my computer. Alas, I haven't had time to redeem it.

Has anyone tried the chicken? Any opinions? (If anyone is interested in braving the spyware to print the coupon, go to oprah.com and there will be a link to the site where you can print it.)


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