Frozen Shrimp Help!!

Wanting to make paella tonight, I bought some shrimp, but the grocery store only had frozen. I'm in Spain, so I didn't think much of it, but after taking it home, I can't tell what to do with it. It is definitely peeled, but not deveined. It's pink, but the entire label is in Spanish, and the only thing I can decipher is "peeled shrimp" (It's also basically the only thing on there, besides the nutrition facts and packaging address.) Since it's pink, I'd think it was pre-cooked, but if it was, it would be deveined, wouldn't it? Also I hate pre-cooked shrimp. Should I risk throwing it in the paella, even if it is? Should I just thaw it and add it separately, not cooking it? Would it be disastrous if I did cook it and it was already pre-cooked? If anybody has any ideas I'd appreciate it...I wouldn't use it, but the package is already open, and it cost a pretty penny. Thanks!!


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