Favorite Chicago Foods?

So I'm a Chicagoan stuck on the east coast, I'm heading home for the weekend and was thinking about all the places I have to hit up while I'm at home. Does anyone else care to share their must eats in Chi-town?

Here's a few off my list:

1. Deep dish pizza - Sausage (in patty format) and mushroom from Lou Malnati's or Gino's East. Giordano's as a last resort. I'd rather eat dirt than eat Uno's pizza. I also like the less known, but equally delicious chicago style thin crust.

2. At least one hot dog w/ everything on it - ketchup has no place on a hot dog

3. Buffalo Joe's wings in evanston - I took a friend there once (a really petite asian girl) and she ate double what I ate then licked the sauce out of the bowl.

4. Gyros - I really like The Works in glenview (http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-works-glenview) - they dip the pita in a vat of oil before throwing it on the griddle.

5. Italian Beef - usually from portillos.

If I have enough time (and room in my stomach) I'll add Mexican - usually tacos al pastor, Hackney's for a burger on rye and a deep friend onion ring loaf, and korean bbq at san soo gap san (https://www.seriouseats.com/2008/08/san-soo-gap-san-greatest-restaurant-in-the-world-korean-chicago-illinois.html).


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